Bottle Shock or Hollywood in Paris

by Eve Resnick on March 19, 2009

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This summer, I read the book by George Taber, The Judgement of Paris on the famous French-American blind tasting that took place in Paris in 1976. I was impressed by the quality of his analysis and his writing. Then I heard about Bottle Shock, the very Hollywood-ish version of the event. I recently watched the movie and came out with a few questions: what can a wine lover get from such a movie? What a non wine drinker think of the wine world after such a movie?

A wine lover will laugh aloud at the stupidity and all the errors: the American partner of Spurrier is mentioned nowhere; the tasting didn’t take place in a garden in Versailles but at the Hôtel Intercontinental in Paris; Sprrier was only 34 and not in his fifties like the actor. And what about the people who don’t know anything about wine? They’ll come out of the movie thetater thinking English people are snobs, Americans are nutcases and French people are some uppity incompetents. Not a good impression to encourage the discovery of great wines! Too bad!

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