French students and Bottle Shock

by Eve Resnick on March 25, 2009

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Last evening, I showed my students the movie Bottle Shock. My students are between 25 and 45, they’re wine and food professionals working on their MBA in Paris. Most of them are French, some with a multicultural and international background.

All of them were totally enthusiastic and appreciated the way the cultural differences were shown in the movie: the contrast between the stuffiness of the French wine establishment in the ’70s and the freedom of the Californian world, the efforts of the Californians to make wines as good as the French, the crusade of Stephen Spurrier for the American wines in spite of his love of French wines and the final toast of Spurrier to the “future”!

Finally a very interesting evening showing how young and unprejudiced people react to a movie I didn’t specially enjoy! A good lesson of tolerance and openmindness!

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