The end of the French drama

by Eve Resnick on March 18, 2009

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Is France a drama Queen? Certainly, if you consider what happened about this so called law on public health. Let’s see the milestones of the drama: two days before the law on public health was supposed to be voted by our MP, the Health Institute published a report saying that one glass a day of wine was driving the drinker to cancer. Vintners, cancer specialists, wine consumers rose to the challenge and immediately went to battle. Result: the law ruled that selling alcohol to young people under 18 was forbidden and allowed wine advertising on the Net, except on sites targeting young people.

There is now an other outcry: some people accused the vintners and their representatives to have “lobbied” in favor of wine and by doing so to endanger the health of the French population. Who is right? Who is wrong? I don’t know. I just feel very sad to see our wine culture denigrated and criticized by people who might not have discovered its beauty. It reminds me very sadly of those judges of the 19th century who censored the beautiful poetry of Baudelaire or the work of Zola on moral grounds (like our wine censors). The future will let us know who was right: the vintners whose bottles will be enjoyed by the next generation or the censors!

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