Buying wine on the Net, a headache?

by Eve Resnick on April 15, 2009

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The Wall Street Journal published lately a long article explaining why buying wine on the Net became a real headache for many shoppers and listed some problems: “phantom inventory”, slow delivery, cluttered sites, “tedious drill-down menus”, 20th Century web sites, etc. The author lists some solutions and recommends a few great sites.

I was a little surprised to see so many great online wine stores ignored:,, and many others. All of those have a vibrant community and a good marketing strategy. They’re the Web 2.0 online wine stores and are fun, well done, efficient and trustworthy. They deserve to be considered as very professional and answer to all the prerequisites of an online store: good inventory, good structure of the web site and a contemporrary tone that make sthe experience fun and enjoyable. Thanks to all those young entrepreneurs for taking the irsk of creating something new and good!

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