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by Eve Resnick on May 19, 2009

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While I was tasting wines in New York City, one of the most respected and knowlegeable wine expert, Hoke Harden, started his own blog, Elixir Vitae. Why am I so excited about it? I had the privilege and the pleasure of meeting Hoke personnally and professionnaly. On a personal level, Hoke is delightful: witty, funny, loving wine and food. Ask him any question about wine: he has the answer. Some of you might know I was born and raised in France and, as such, thought I knew everything about French wines. Alas! Hoke showed – quite inadvertently – how ignorant I was: I owe him some of the most interesting wine experiences.

Professionnally, he is certainly one of the best wine professionals I met, either in Europe or in the US. He was in marketing for many years before he switched to wine education. He’s on the Board of the Society of Wine Educators and I followed some of his presentations during the New Orleans conference. I heard him telling fascinating stories and answering tricky questions with ease.

His blog is quite at his image: fun, full of facts and ramblings on wine and food. I especially liked the piece on wine and book: this so personal experience is rended with elegance and finesse – quite like a good Margaux wine – the perfect combination on a rainy day like today! Don’t miss either Hoke’s consideration on what there is in a wine name: you’ll be surprised!

OK… You got the picture. Follow Hoke’s blog and enjoy it! Cheers!

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