Cocktails in a New York Speakeasy

by Eve Resnick on May 8, 2009

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For once, I decided to “give up” on wine and try a cocktail. Why such an extravagant move? I’m in New York for a few days and happened to meet with a colleague, well learned on cognac and cocktails. He took me to a speakeasy in New York, called “Please don’t tell” – I won’t tell you where it is. The place is completely dark and secured from ousiders’ view. They have the most extravagant cocktails, based on gin, famous whiskeys and bourbons or cognac. I had a “Hawthorne rosé based on gin, red Lillet (I didn’t quite give up my wine culture) fruit and rose syrup. Believe me, it was strong and reinvigorating after the Paris-New York flight and the jet lag.

Anyway the conversation was fascinating. I learned that cocktails are the new drink of the young generation – under 25, mostly. Those young people love the fun side of cocktails – experimenting with colors and tastes. Some cocktails are also based on wine: why not replace dry vermouth by Sauvignon blanc, for example?

Quite a new world and I’m afraid I got a taste for it. I’ll let you know my next discoveries!

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