European consumers loyal to their wine brands

by Eve Resnick on May 11, 2009

in General

A short study conducted by Gfk among wine consumers of 9 European countries (Germany, France, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Russia, Poland) brought good news to wine brands: European consumers are loyal to their favorite brands.

Asked if they would consider switching to a similar but cheaper brand, an average of 67% said they would stick to their favorite: 53.5% in Germany, 75% in France, 74.9% in Spain and in Poland, 51.4% in Austria, 70.2% in Italy, 77.1% in Netherlands, 74% in UK and 62.2% in Russia.

However, for other goods such as food or electronic devices, consumers admitted they would change brand for a cheaper one. It means that wine has still a special status in the consumers’ mind. It is not (yet) a commodity good. Cheers!


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