Facebook, dream or nightmare?

by Eve Resnick on May 28, 2009

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Technology is not always a dream. A few years ago, I opened an account on Facebook. It was moderately active as I was busy writing a book, consulting, teaching and interviewing people for articles. But it worked: I received invitations from friends, posted a couple of things on my wall and invited friends to join me. And suddenly the “bug”: I couldn’t accept any invitations sent to me through this account. I must confess I’m not the most patient person when technology fails me. I started “fuming” as my dear and much missed mother-in-law used to say, complaining and pestering my own personal technological wizard to get help. Even HE couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my account. I then started pestering younger friends, specialists of Facebook and other networks of Web 2.0, such as Myriam Ballarati, one of the very few European experts on virtual worlds.

What’s the solution? Myriam and my personal wizard told me to deactivate my account and open a new one. Great idea, in spite of the fact I had to start over all again. Here we go: new account open, I start inviting my friends to join it. It worked perfectly and I thought I was safe and on the road again! This morning, bad news: one of my contacts invited me to join him on Facebook. I clicked innocently on the link and… bingo! I went directly to my old account! I almost had a fit! Facebook left my account open and people could still send their invitation to me through it. I deactivated this account again and I hope it will be the last time. Did anybody go though such a nightmare? It’s already hard to build a good and strong network all over the world with trusted friends, partners and colleagues without being bothered by lapses in technology and know-how of the so-called providers! Am I still fuming? Yes, I’m even ranting! Sorry!

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