Academy of Wine Communications

by Eve Resnick on June 8, 2009

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A few weeks ago, The New Wine Consumer radio show featured the Academy of Wine Communications. Until then I must confess my ignorance of this somewhat illustrious Academy founded in 1994 “to encourage wine writers, the craft of wine writing, and wine coverage in the media”. Since then, the Academy evolved in a more sophisticated way. It now “provides its membership a means to network with colleagues; to meet key members of the media; hone and update their media lists; and learn classic and innovative marketing and public relations techniques”.

Being a member of numerous associations and/or professional organizations, I was amazed to see on the homepage of the Academy links to a Facebook page, to a LinkedIn page, to Twitter and This is really an organization that strikes me as the prototype or – better – the archetype of what a web 2.0 association should be: the central network point for its members to network between themselves of course but also to have a link to the outside world where potential curstomers, business associates or partners are.

According to Michael Wangbickler, the Academy aims at becoming international and opening to new communications experts. With such an open and innovative strategy, it is sure the Academy has a bright future.

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