Malbec Summit in Bordeaux

by Eve Resnick on June 10, 2009

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I knew about the Pinot Noir Days, the Pink Out! event organized by Jeff Morgan on Rosé wines, and others for Zinfandel or Rhone Valley style wines but I was amazed, when two years ago, the very small Cahors wine organization initiated the First International Malbec Days in Cahors. Even bolder, the organizers asked the Argentinian wines – a lot of them Malbecs – to be their guest of honor. In 2009, Cahors was in return the guest of honor of Mendoza for the Second International Malbec Days.

Cahors keeps being innovative. During Vinexpo, the Cahors wines booth will be next to the Argentina wines booth – the two forming the “Malbec Corner”. The logic behind this strategy is simple: Argentina is the first producer of Malbec wines with 70% and Cahors is second with about 20% of the international production. Cahors was the “original Malbec” having being imported to Argentina by the French Pouret at the end of the 19th Century. Going even further into the logic, the Cahors wine organization initiated the “Malbec Summit” held during Vinexpo on June 22, 2009. There will be two topics: “Cahors, the original Malbec” and “the Malbecs of the World”. The Summit is open to any wine professional and journalist trying to understand better this complex grape and the numerous wine styles emanating from it.

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