Vinexpo – Day 2 : Malbec Summit and Tutti Quanti

by Eve Resnick on June 22, 2009

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Vinexpo is this year again bubbling with activity and people: 2,400 exhibitors representing 48 countries, some new to Vinexpo (Poland, Sweden, Belarus and Egypt). In the halls you meet a lot of Eastern European professionals as well as people from India, Maghreb or Middle East. A fascinating medley of languages and styles.

But a girl has to focus on an activity a day in order to keep a minimal sanity. I went to the Malbec Summit where British and American wine journalists and experts conducted comparative tastings between Cahors and Argentine Malbecs. Dangerous exercise? Not so much since both places have very different expressions of their terroirs. There is indeed no way to compare the Argentinian and Cahors terroirs: different climates, different soils and different wine making techniques.

The panel went through the tasting of the wines. They all agree that the wines they chose were very good in quality but so different. When Argentina is lusher and made for immediate consumption, Cahors Malbecs’ new style is fruit-forward as their Argentinian counterparts but more structured, allowing a better ageing potential.

The format of the Summit, organized by the UIVC (the professional Cahors producers organization), is original. It shows that this rising grape, malbec, has a great potential for various expressions. Regions don’t need to be competitors. They can, on the contrary, work together to express the best of a promising grape now planted in several countries.

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