Vinexpo – Day 3: organic wines

by Eve Resnick on June 23, 2009

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Today was my “organic” day. Organic wines are a growing category in many countries and attract the attention of the wine consumers. I was a little confused about the differences between organic and biodynamic wines. Very basically a wine is considered organically grown when not using any pesticides, chemicals, fungicides or herbicides. Some countries have certification regulations but a wine producer might choose not to get the certification to avoid bureaucratic bothers. Biodynamic wines are made using the biodynamic process created by the German Rudolf Steiner based on understanding the ecological, the energetic, and the spiritual in nature. Practical minded wine producers say biodynamy is mostly based on the observation of ancient rules and nature processes, such as the influence of the moon on growing cycles.

Famous wine makers and consultants are now relying on organic and biodynamic processes to improve the quality of their wines while preserving the soil against the negative effects of chemicals. Michel Tardieu and Olivier Dauga teamed to create an organic wine, in fact a new wine brand, Dixit at Château Vieux-Pourret already in biodynamy. This red wine, from a biodynamic Saint-Emilion Grand Cru chateau, reflects the respect of both men for the terroir and the future of the land. It expresses the best of man and nature united in a bottle of a great wine.

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