Tapas and friends=Tapeña wines

by Eve Resnick on August 4, 2009

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When I was working on Wine Brands, I happened to notice the launch of a new Spanish wine brand, Tapeña. At that time, I was mostly intrigued and seduced by the great label. Two years later, I had the opportunity to hold a bottle of their 2008 Tempranillo in my hands and taste the wine, giving me the opportunity to test some of their assertions.

The originality of the label is what attracted my eye to the bottle among the dozens lined up on the supermarket’s shelves: the fork design, the contrast of colors and the bright orange literally drove me to the bottle.

The web site brags about its food friendliness. I tasted the wine on a strong Italian dish and figured the assertion to be true. The mellowness as well as the very slight sugary taste (for my European palate) were very nice on the dish. It also gives a total meaning to the label and the name: a fork symbolizing the food with the name being a contraction of “tapas” and “peña”, a slang word for a group of friends.

Obviously this wine is designed for non European palates: on the sweet and fruity side it wouldn’t have so much appeal on European markets or maybe only on younger trendy consumers, like Millenials. The fact is the (very well done) site shows mostly young people having fun with a glass of wine in hand.

Tapeña, a success story? I hope so and I wish them well.

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