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by Eve Resnick on September 30, 2009

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This is the very unusual sight I came across today. At first the title of the article read: “Wine for women”. I got mildly annoyed and was about to move away when a sentence caught my eye: “Every smile has a story. And many stories are shared over a glass of wine”. Banal? Yes, but true. In our days of bad news, a smile is to be treasured preciously.

Back to wine! SmileVino is a weird but touching try to reach people through the best of their heart. Each label depicts a woman smiling. Each smile carries a different emotion: compassion, accomplishment, whatever. The back label tells the story behind the smile. What about the wine? There are two bottles – one of Merlot and one of Chardonnay, both from California. My feeling is that the wine is just the messenger for woman’s charities in various communities in spite of Nancy Moore, vice-president, affirmation: “Our signature Chardonnay and Merlot were specially created in California and offer a fresh taste for wine lovers.”

I like the positive side of the story: smile, telling a positive story, giving back to the community. But why only women and why so little on the wines?

I have a couple of issues with gender marketing applied to the wine business. First, many studies showed clearly that women don’t have special attraction to “feminine” wines, such as pink or sweet wines. Second, women are now learned in wine: they know what they like and what they want to buy. Last but not least, they are usually sharp shoppers and detect easily the false bargain or the marketing trick. Because let’s be honest and even brutal: a wine designed for women is usually poorly made – too sweet, heavy, poorly balanced. Give us real wines – with a smile, yes but also a wine that will bring a smile to our face!


1 WomenWine October 1, 2009 at 4:31 am

Hi Eve – yes I too thought that this was a 'cute' idea but realize that what might be appealing to someone who is interested in terroir, varietal, winemaker, etc. is not what will appeal to the other 35 million women who drink wine.

A long time ago I stopped being offended and realized that someday these wine lovers might learn enough – or be curious – about wine to look beyond the comfort of buying a bottle that appeals to them visually and emotionally.

So I continue to reinforce that there's a story in every bottle – and for sure these smiles have a story in them too.

Warmest regards,

2 Evelyne Resnick October 1, 2009 at 2:43 pm

Hi Julie,

Thank you for this thoughtful comment. I don't feel offended at all by this kind of initiative. I find it generous and innovative. What I feel sorry about is the lack of imagination in the wine. When you carry such a wonderful idea – a woman's smile on abottle and a great story – it has to go all the way. The wine should be as wonderful as the idea. Cheers!

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