Julia Child loved wine too!

by Eve Resnick on September 2, 2009

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I just finished reading My life in France by Julia Child and I really enjoyed it. It’s funny, full of humor, very humble and inspiring for any aspiring author. For people of my generation, Julia Child was part of the American wine and food scene. She was an icon but I must confess that I never really took time to read about her, her life and her work. I had the image of a great chef, a formidable woman who brought French cuisine to America and a star of the food scene but didn’t know anything about the woman behind the scene.

My life in France recounts the hard work behind the bestsellers, the TV shows and all the paraphernalia going with stardom. I had no idea it took Julia over 10 years to write her first cook book, no idea that she cooked each recipe over and over to make sure it will work in an American kitchen and no idea she loved wine. Her husband Paul is a key person in her success: he gave her his love for great wines and the book is full of tastings and interesting views on wine.

If you love wine and food and want to take a break from marketing, pour a glass of your favorite wine, relax in your favorite chair and read Julia’s book. Cheers!

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