Vintank, the Digital Think Tank in the Wine Business

by Eve Resnick on September 21, 2009

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In the pre-Internet days, think tanks could be impressive by the secrecy surrounding their members, their goals and their means of action. Today, in the (almost) full bloom of the Web 2.0, think tanks should be leading the way to the Web 3.0. And some do.

Who didn’t hear of VinTank‘s Social Media Report? It was certainly one of the most reviewed and commented upon report on the subject in the wine industry. Previously to reading the report, I had heard of Paul Mabray and some of his partners. We spoke from time to time through podcasts, Twitter or email. Think tanks in the wine industry are not common (maybe even non existent) in Europe and I was getting more and more curious about VinTank’s work and strategy. Their web site is very clean and to the point: they talk to the wine people (to introduce them to technology), to tech people (to introduce them to wine) and to people – the real wealth of any business, and more specifically of the wine business.

VinTank shows a great understanding of the new technologies and have deep inside knowledge of the wine industry. The team is full of ideas, creative and innovative while always offering new services, like the digital pipeline management system VinTank launched or helping develop a great idea like the social media monitoring created by Evan Cover and his team of Cruvee.

This new generation of think tank, dedicated to a very vertical market, is certainly the way to lead the wine industry to a better understanding of social media and marketing as well as providing wineries with the most up to date tools to monitor and develop their business on line. Does it mean that the wine business is very much aware of the newest marketing tools and can become one of the leaders towards a new economy, based on relationship inside the virtual world? Maybe, maybe not but thanks to VinTank, its innovative strategy and its network of partners, the wine industry is well equipped to face the hardships and the competition ahead. Ready to embark on a new adventure? It’s as exciting as space travel!

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