Wine travel with Web 2.0 tools?

by Eve Resnick on September 17, 2009

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I’m fascinated by the use of the Web 2.0 tools made by consultants, wineries, start-ups in the wine business. Everyday there is a new site, a new application, a new idea by someone or a company. We know VinTank and its super innovative process, Cruvee,,,, and many many others. Don’t be offended if I didn’t mention you: I’d like to finish writing my post before breakfast tomorrow morning!

Is the user of the Net – you, me, anybody who is not in the business of producing wine or communicating/selling/marketing wine – as innovative and creative? Do we use those tools to organize a trip to a wine country? I just read the post of Rebecca Kelley on her trip to Napa Valley. She used and an iPhone to identify the wineries she’d like to visit. This strategy requires from the wineries to be social media savvy. And it worked! Rebecca had a wonderful time.

Could we do the same thing in Europe? Why not? More and more wineries are now now using social media for marketing and branding: some have blogs regularly updated, some have mobile sites available from iPods or 3G phones, a lot have Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. They’re accessible also on various wine communities who share tasting notes or trip experiences. Unfortunately we don’t have any – yet! – but it could be a good idea for an European entrepreneur to start such a site.

Whatever the outcome of this idea among European start-ups, it seems the European wine world is getting more and more Web 2.0 savvy. My next travel trip will be done only using Web 2.0 tools and I’m sure it will be a great adventure!

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