A creative wine cellar management system

by Eve Resnick on October 26, 2009

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From time to time I love to venture in innovative systems created in the “real” world instead of my beloved Web 2.0 world. I was caught up in reading a web site on a very creative wine cellar management system – we could even call it exclusive because I think there are only 2000 devices available for sale.

What is it about? called “Mémoire du Vin” (Wine memory), it looks like an elegant dresser that can stand in the wine cellar. The goal is to preserve and manage the information on each bottle stored in the cellar. The ring you can see on the glass is the secret to the system: it registers and stores all the information of the bottle (producer, vintage, date of entry in the cellar, value bought) and allows the owner to follow the evolution of the cellar as well as the rising (hopefully) value of the bottles over the years. The cellar owner has a complete and uptodate image of the cellar.

Like technology? This new system is for you!

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