A Wine Channel in France

by Eve Resnick on October 2, 2009

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For any other country having a TV channel devoted to wine is… no big deal. In France it requires to go through a major administrative work. Why is that? First of all, because wine is now considered as a very dangerous drink leading to alcoholism and major health problems. Second, because the French law require to ask “permission” to open a new channel to a very special authority overlooking the media, the CSA (Audiovisual Committe). Last but not least, the lobbies against wine are very strong.

This new TV channel, Edonys, just applied for permission to start working. Its mission statement is to produce films on the culture of wine in France but also all over the world. The channel will be broadcasted in Europe and at least in two languages, French and English. The project is very appealing to any wine lover, whether professional or consumer. That’s why the initiators of the idea are already lobbying to get the support of the wine community in France. Let’s hope the project will meet with the approval of the Audiovisual Committee.

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