Can we talk about wine like we talk about food?

by Eve Resnick on October 5, 2009

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This question asked by wine and travel writer Salma Abdelnour in a very witty article made me smile at first. Wine was part of food for several centuries in Europe. Then my American culture kicked in and reminded me wine is not food anymore – especially not in Europe – and is just a pleasure. Why is that we can’t talk about wine as easily as we exchange recipes or opinions about food?

But are we really so relaxed about food? Some consumers studies show that a lot of people don’t dare mention the fact they enjoy eating a hamburger in a fast food or a frozen pizza. Some don’t even know the meaning of the word “gourmet”. Is it such a crime? Not at all. Wine and food are part of the little pleasures of life and some people are not sensitive to this kind of pleasures. They’d rather go skiing or dancing.

Does wine need to be intimidating? No, wine needs to be enjoyed. If you find contentment with a simple Pinot Grigio, enjoy it without asking yourself if you’re drinking the “right” wine. Wine is like reading: some enjoy detective stories and others poetry. Is one category right and the other wrong? No, they’re different people with different tastes and deserve the same consideration.

The world of wine and food is rich and diverse enough to accomodate everybody and every taste. So enjoy your wine – simple or complex – and your food – gourmet or fast food!

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