European Wine Bloggers Conference – Part 2

by Eve Resnick on October 31, 2009

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Our first day of conference ended last night with a grand buffet and the pouring of the wines of the Douro Boys. But before we were rewarded by such a feast, we had to work hard through two tastings.

Both tastings were a real initiation to Spanish and Portuguese wines. Esteban Cabezas, Marketing Director of the Wine Academy of Spain, conducted a fascinating tasting of the fortified, dessert and natural sweet wines from Spain and Portugal usually featured during the Vinoble Fair (Salon de los Vinos Nobles) held in Jerez from May 30 to June 2, 2010. Esteban made a brilliant presentation of the style and history of those wines followed by the tasting of two Amontillado wines, some Port wine, a red Moscatell, a Madeira and the mysterious Garvey Gran Order PX. It was a trip in the history of various wine regions and through elegant and unusual flavors and aromas.

After a much needed palate cleansing, we were back in the tasting room facing 18 wines of the energetic and talented Douro Boys. The Douro Boys is a group of five wineries: Quinta do Vale Meao, Quinta Vale D Maria, Quinta do Crasto, Niepoort and Quinta do Vallado. After the serving of their white wines, each wine maker conducted the tasting of his wines.

Questions on wine making were asked by the floor and the Douro Boys answered with humor and talent. We had a fascinating and entertaining event. As a wine marketer, I was also interested by their branding strategy. Douro is a very easy name to remember whatever the native language. As one of them pointed out, “boys” might be more ambigous in some countries but to most people, the Douro boys is a group of wine makers from Douro. This collective branding strategy was the first step that now allows them to differentiate each winery from the other ones. The tasting showed clearly that each winery has a different style of wines. Every attendant has the possibility now to make his/her choice among the various styles of wines.

Besides tastings and panels, the EWBC is the best opportunity for us, bloggers, to meet face to face with our contacts and Facebook friends. I also had the opportunity to see again some wine professionals I rarely have the opportunity to meet. I was delighted to exchange ideas and renew acquaintance with a lot of people. And I’m looking forward to getting acquainted to many of the other participants – all fascinating people from different countries.

Thanks to the Dream Team of EWBC to bring us all together!

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