Wine and Health in South Africa

by Eve Resnick on October 13, 2009

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2009 is the 350th anniversary of South African wine production. South Africa is now a wine producing country largely recognized in many parts of the world – at the sad exception of a few European countries. France is one of them but fortunately, every two years, a charity auction reminds French wine lovers that South African wines are gorgeous.

The charity auction is organized every two years in Paris by the Artcurial Auction House. The beneficiary of the auction is the Phelophepa Health Train, which means “Good clean health” in Tswana. Born in 1994, the brainchild of two dynamic women who renovated and transformed an old train into a brand new medical train, with its own generators, it meanders through the rural regions of South Africa bringing medical treatment to people who do not have access to doctors due to their economic and geographical situations, far from urban medical infrastructures.
The train stops for 4 to 5 days in small towns across the country for 10 months each year before its annual 2 month refurbishment for the following year. The train has several medical units; dentistry and eye clinics, general practitioners, pediatric and psychology units and carries out screening for diabetes, for example.
The Phelophepa was given an award by the United Nations in 2008 for outstanding community service, a recognition of the importance and effective care given to patients of all ages and cultures.

As a tribute to the handful of French Huguenots who arrived in the Cape in 1688, the 2009 Phelophepa auction will carry not only some outstanding South African wines but also some exceptional wines from great French producers who have vinous links to South Africa, such as Lurton, Angélus, Rolland, Laroche, Gosset, Schaal, or Moueix.

2009 is the Third Edition of this very special Charity Auction. The two previous events enabled 63 000 people to be treated and many French wine lovers to discover the gorgeous South African wines.

Isn’t it the proof that wine is good for your health? If you are in Paris on October 27th, stop at the Artcurial Auction House and be part of a beautiful event. For more detail, contact Allison Bonnett.

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