EWBC Goes Green – Part 4

by Eve Resnick on November 2, 2009

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Back to work and to reality after 3 days in sheer bliss working on wine and social media, meeting my virtual (but good) friends and getting to know more people.

Technology people are very often environmentally conscious as they mostly try to work without paper and if they use it, recycle it. They’re also aware of the environmental risks created by discarded computers’ parts and technological waste. That’s why I was not quite surprised when I got the pre-package of the conference sent by email by Gabriella Opaz. Under the self-explanatory title, “EWBC Supports Sustainable Living”, our Dream Team set the few sustainable principles of the conference:

– all the documents are available on a 4gb USB Flashdrive held to the nametag. It stores a lot of information on the sponsors, the speakers, the conference as well as various booklets. Having had a look at the contents when back in my room, I refrained to grab too many booklets from our sponsors, knowing the information was on the key.

– when arriving, we were handed a 100% biodegradable bag. It was very useful during the conference to carry around a laptop anda notebook (yes, I know but we usually use recycled paper notebook!). When leaving I packed it carefully – thinking it would be very useful to have it at the bottom of my bag for last minute grocery shopping at home.

– the Dream Team also convinced our 5* hotel to recycle the many bottles we emptied during our various tastings and meals.

I’m glad EWBC set such a great example of sustainable consciousness and I just hope other conferences sill follow the same pattern for the sake of our planet. Keep the good work and thanks for having set such a great example.

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