Millennials, an easy target for wine brands?

by Eve Resnick on March 3, 2010

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Millennials are the dream target of many wine brands. They have time, they have money and they crave learning about wine. Really? Think twice. Or, as 29-year-old journalist Nadira Hira put it, “think authentic, don’t think marketing!”.

Is it bad news? Not really. Millennials are a generation of zappers, with short attention span but they have strong values: they believe in authenticity and honesty. No more marketing stories but the truth, nothing but the truth: who is the winemaker? What is the story behind a brand? What is really in the bottle? No fairy tale, but a true story.

Technology can’t be ignored either. Every Millennial (at least almost) has a mobile phone and a laptop. They love searching the Web for videos and various “fun” sites. How does it translate for a winery? Wineries can’t ignore Facebook, Twitter, videos, mobile sites and social media if they want to reach the 76 million of Millennials.

The Millennials are really a difficult target but they are worth the effort: wine is part of our common culture and what better job than teaching the beauty of wine to young people?

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