Vinopedia, a new wine search tool

by Eve Resnick on March 25, 2010

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Again? Not quite. You might have used when it was called  the new version includes now 800,000 American wines and 600,000 European wines. Paul Mabray, from VinTank as well as Gary V praised its searchability quality in their tweets.

Let’s try to look for some wines. I used the “Refine Criteria” tool and requested a 2000 red wine at about $20 with a 91 rating in Napa Valley. Weirdly enough the system selected “Red wines younger than 2000 from Napa Valley rated at least 91 points”. My price point was ignored. I suppose it’s only the bugs of an early start and they’ll be corrected very soon. or I was a little clumsy using the tool!

There are several value added features I really enjoyed: the price alerts and the mobile access. Having a mobile access is very important nowadays when you’re a consumer. While standing in line or in a supermarket’s aisle it is so handy to be able to connect and get information. is still a work in progress but it is a great tool that just needs some improvement. Good luck!

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