Apple Wants to Redefine Mobile Ads

by Eve Resnick on April 9, 2010

in Innovation

I’m not an Apple afficionada or endorsing Apple. I just have an iPod Touch and my regular Windows laptop. But I’m a communication person at heart and just saw the most amazing feature for the iPhone platform today. Of course, it will not be available for a few months, but I started dreaming of all the possibilities of communicating for the wine business.

Called iAds, it is an Apple-hosted advertising platform targeted at app developers.  There are hundreds of thousands of applications developed for iPhone, some free, some at a very affordable price. We consumers all have our favorite app and we would hate to be thrown out of our app after clicking on an ad. On the other hand, if we could click on an ad, interact with compelling content and then come back to our app where we left it with no fuss, what a thrill! This is advantage Number One for the consumers.

Advantage Number Two, the ad can have the quality of a TV ad and be interactive: we can have movies, games, animations, build our own product – all the possibilities offered by a regular computer or on TV, plus interactivity. As Mr. Jobs said in his presentation, the consumer has the interactivity of the Net with the emotion of TV and movie.

What’s the point? More ads on the last ad-free space? In some ways it is true. But let’s look at the advantage for a wine brand. There are a lot of apps for wine. With the iAd,  consumers could get interactivity and information in their favorite app. Wineries could create great movies, quizzes, games for their consumers and attract their attention via this new device.

As a communicator, I am very excited by the almost unlimited possibilities of the iAd: let’s be creative, let’s move forward and towards our consumers. Wine is a cultural and fun product. Whether you like a Classified growth, a Super Toscan, Casillero del Diablo or Champagne, you’ll find the right app and the right message to listen to and to share with all your friends.

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