More on the quiet Internet revolution of Sauternes

by Eve Resnick on April 26, 2010

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Aline Baly from Château Coutet sent me a long email after the publication of the first article. I was so happy to read about the success of her innovative web strategy I asked her to let me publish her answer. Here it is – a little amended for more concision with Aline’s approval:

“I have been very encouraged by the recent influx of colleagues on Facebook and Twitter (most recently Yquem and Bordeaux Gold). I am very excited that this sometimes viewed as sleepy appellation is embracing social media — and recognized for doing so.

Coutet has been on Facebook for over 3 years — this has allowed me to stay connected to more than 300 followers. I also post all news related to Coutet on my personal page– keeping another 400 individuals in the loop on the latest and greatest from the Gold Wine region of Bordeaux.

As for Twitter… I have some great success stories with the tool — including getting a top level journalist at Coutet for a one-on-one tasting after replying to one of his comment and having visitors stop by Coutet after responding to their comment that places them in the region and in wine tasting mode!

Using both of these tools, I’ve connected with so many individuals that love our region! There are 4-5 twitts on the topic alone on a daily basis– and that is only a minimum.”

Thanks to Aline  for sharing her success story with us.

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