Vinho Verde, the new Beaujolais Nouveau?

by Eve Resnick on May 6, 2010

in General

When traveling to Portugal, one drinks two wines: vinho verde and port. Unfortunately, vinho verde has a very poor reputation due to its poor quality: sweet, heavy, low in alcohol but sooooooooo easy to drink. Unfortunately the low quality of 98% of vinho verde damaged the reputation of an appellation that can produce great wines. There is only to taste the wines of Casa de Cello and its friends of the Independent Wine Growers Group to understand what I mean.

In fact, vinho verde has the same problem as Beaujolais in France. Because Duboeuf launched the cheap and mediocre Beaujolais Nouveau, consumers forgot that the region also produces great wines. We can just wish the efforts of the best producers from both Vinho Verde and Beaujolais will shadow the mediocre production of those beautiful wine regions.


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