Organic or Not Organic? That is the question!

by Eve Resnick on July 6, 2010

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And the question was “solved” by the EU: it had recently rejected a proposal to create an organic wine category. Sad? Maybe not. Those last few weeks, I traveled a lot and I  met many wine makers in France who are already working their vineyards and making their wines organically without advertising it or seeking some kind of certification. What’s the point, would some ask? According tothe producers, there are several points:

– working organically is an ethical decision: it is the promise of a better product with less chemicals for their customers. More and more people are suffering from allergies and knowing that the wine they buy have less sulfites and the grapes were treated with mineral products instead of chemicals is reassuring.

– working organically is also good for the environment: agriculture (and viticulture as well) were very often accused of polluting the water or destroying the natural environment of a place. It is a way to protect our planet from further destruction.

– working organically is a personal choice, based on convictions and values.

Why not share those values with the consumers? The various wine producers I talked to said they mention their choice to their customers and to visitors. They also explain to them why they made that choice and how they hope to increase the quality of their wines but also leave a better soil to  the next generations who will work their vineyard.

Does the Europe of wine really need an other intrusion of the EU?  Mmmm…  Consumers should trust the wine producers: they know their work, they love to make great wines and they care about their property.  Let’s raise our glass of organic wine to a better world!

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