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by Eve Resnick on September 6, 2010

in Innovation is a Portuguese start up specialized in the wine business. I met Andre Ribeirinho and his team during the 2009 EWBC in Lisbon. At that time, I was very impressed by the AVIN tag they created and even mentioned it in my French book on Web marketing for the wine industry.

During the Spring 2010, drastically improved the look of the site, giving the web user a much more pleasant experience when visiting the site. Then I saw a few new features implemented and I had the feeling that and AVIN went their separate ways. Andre confirmed the “suspicion”: “The AVIN is now an independent project. Recently we’ve split Adegga and the AVIN project in 2 in order for each project to focus on what they do best. This way, we’re opening a lot of new possibilities for the unique code. We’re also starting to invite some people to the project as ambassadors who will not only help promote the project but also have an active voice on where it should be heading.” is now launching three new features:

– the “Producer Verified Accounts and Videos”
– A mobile application
– The “Adegga Selection”.

What are the Producer Verified Accounts and Videos? “We want more wineries to use Adegga to promote their wines online using our Verified Winery accounts”, said Andre. These accounts allow wineries to add videos, photos, news and winemaker notes to all wines on their wine list. In the specific case of videos we want wine lovers to better connect with the people making the wine. Seeing a video of a wine producer will certainly add a human touch to the online conversation. ” As far as I’m concerned, Andre is preaching to the choir! I’m all for a human touch and helping the consumer get a nice experience on line. Example: Cortes de Cima winery is a premium member.

The mobile version of the site exists but adegga is working on an iPhone app.

Last but not least, adegga’s team launched this summer a new online wine promotion program called Adegga Selection. What is the goal? According to Andre, “We want to help wineries sell their samples instead of giving them away.” That’s a piece of good news but how can you reach such a goal? “A wine producer, said Andre, approaches us wanting to promote the launch of a new wine. As a community we’ll be talking about the wine and deciding if it’s interesting to promote. Some of the top Adegga members will even get a few samples. If the wine is “selected” then it will go on sale on the site for 15 days on a limited quantity and a special price. We’ll have some interesting ways to get people who bought the wine to return to Adegga and talk about it, raising the profile of the wine.”

For now, the program runs as a pilot in Portugal but will be extended to the US and the UK very soon. For this month the Adegga Selection is Mark Stephen Schultz Touriga Nacional Reserva 2005. Great choice!

I’ll have the pleasure of seeing Andre and his team during the 2010 EWBC conference in Vienna. I am absolutely amazed by how fast became a sophisticated, user-friendly and nice site for wine lovers. I just wished we had more of ambitious and entrepreneurial spirits like Andre Ribeirinho and in Europe to help wineries to compete internationally.


1 Andre Ribeirinho September 6, 2010 at 5:39 pm

Hi Evelyne!
Thank you for writing about our work.

It’s a pleasure to be part of the new set of tools in the online wine world and be able to innovate and solve problems for the industry.

See you in Vienna for the EWBC2010!

2 Carrie Jorgensen September 6, 2010 at 7:19 pm

Yes, Portugal is lucky to have such an entrepreneur like André within it’s own borders, and Portuguese wine producers are even luckier still!

We print AVINs with QR Codes on all our back labels, and find Adegga a great way to share tasting notes and other info about our wines and winery with wine lovers around the world.

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