Bordeaux Partners with Snooth

by Eve Resnick on September 27, 2010

in International Markets

For a consumer, nothing is more frustrating than looking for a wine and not being able to locate it.  The Bordeaux wines seem to have partially solved the problem through a partnership between their own site and to reach the US market in times when French wines, and more specifically Bordeaux wines, are losing market shares. This site talks directly to the US consumer. is the promotional site of the Bordeaux wines. It relays information on the smaller estates, those whose wines are available at affordable prices. The design is very French with rather efficient ergonomics. Looking for a sweet white Bordeaux ? The search brings up 20 names of properties. Let’s click on Chateau Coutet. Next to the name, several information are available :

– the rank (3 out of 5);
– technical information : varietals, region and available vintages;
-several wine reviews and rankings by readers;
– ideas of pairing (mostly based on caramel pastries – looks yummy!);
– a list of stores carrying Château Coutet in the US.

If you don’t have your heart set on a specific type of Bordeaux wines, just enter your ZIP code in the search and you’ll get a list of stores carrying Bordeaux wines in your city.  It might be smart to make a brief phone call to check!

This kind of site is a real wonder for the consumer : easy to use, with information up to date and rather precise. My only reservation on this initiative is the lack of conversation between the consumer and the estate : it is too bad that no owner of chateaux or estates even comes to the site to talk to their consumers. But, notwithstanding this limitation, the partnership with is a very smart idea. I wonder why other French appellations didn’t copy this idea yet… ?

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