Crushpad in Bordeaux

by Eve Resnick on September 15, 2010

in Innovation

A few years ago, when I mentioned Crushpad to my European friends, most of them told me that such a concept could not work in Europe. But it did! Let’s go back a little in time.  Crushpad is an urban winery allowing wine lovers to select a plot of land, a grape and be part of the process of making wines. Some of Crushpad users even created professional wine brands. Who are their customers ? People from the US, Japan and several countries happy to create a wine in the famed Napa Valley.

In 2008, when Wine Brands came out, a young French American man, Stephen Bolger, contacted me and told me there would be a Crushpad in France. He chose Bordeaux –  great location as Bordeaux wines are respected and know worldwide. As I understood, finding plots, good grapes, a winemaking facility and the help of a winemaker were not an easy task for Stephen. But he did it. Crushpad Bordeaux is now running and the 2010 harvest will bring several clients from abroad to take part in the process and start creating their wines. At the same time, Crushpad bottled their first bottles of Bordeaux, what they call their “First Crus”. Happy customers from the US, Japan, India or Australia will soon be the proud owners of their own Bordeaux brands.

Such a success story is comforting. It means that an original idea combined with an entrepreneurial mind  can lead to a successful company even in frugal time.

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