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EveResnickThis blog was first launched in 2008 when my book, Wine Brands. Success Strategies for New Markets, New Consumers and New Trends, was published by Palgrave-MacMillan. At that time, blogs were new to the wine industry and an innovative way of keeping in touch with my readers and everything that was going on in the wine industry.

The blog was successful in a modest way: readers enjoyed engaging with me as much as I did with them. I met on line many wine professionals who then became friends and/or colleagues, in Europe and in the US.

Time went by and life changed. Blogs were so numerous that I did not feel compelled to keep writing posts. Digital communication and marketing evolved so rapidly I was more involved in keeping up and (re)starting my career as professor and researcher. I started a program on digital marketing at the French and International masters programs in Dijon, Burgundy. The Wine Management Institute, under the direction of Prof. Joëlle Brouard, launched a 3-year research program on wne blogs and digital writing all over the world. This work is now in its final phase and should be published soon. I am still an Associate Professor in their Masters Programs and will start soon a new research program.

Why go back to a blog in 2013, a writing form that seems nowadays a little out of date? Simply because blogs are now linked to powerful social media such as Google+ or Pinterest. Applications, e-commerce sites are also so diverse that it is again fascinating to explore the digital world, talk to creative and innovative people as well as about their work. Wines are getting better and better all over the world and producers are implementing experimental and original communication strategies on the Web.

Those who were kind enough as to follow this blog in its early days will notice some changes – I don’t dare write “improvements”. They will be the judges of that. Categories are reduced to a few topics while I included some new perspectives: “wines” will cover European and international wines; “international markets” will be more devoted to those new markets I explored in my French book on Exporting Wines. Last but not least,  I will devote more time to explore the concept of “innovation” – a word used so many times by so many so-called experts who never took the time to analyze the meaning of the word for the wine industry.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy the format and the topics of this “revised” blog. My credentials are still the same: after getting my Ph.D at the Sorbonne in France, I moved to the US where I taught at UCLA. When back to France I went into publishing, slipped in e-publishing, e-writing and e-marketing as an international consultant for the wine industry in France. I now share my time between France and California, trying to build a stronger bridge between our two wine and food cultures. Lecturing and researching on digital strategy and innovation are now the core of my activity: what is more wonderful than to meet people from all over the world and talk about wine, this cultural product we all love?

Enjoy. Cheers!
Eve Resnick


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