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Educating children on wine making and vines

July 2, 2008

photo: LondonLooks Today I just heard that two of my friends of OpenWineConsortium were new parents. Congratulations are in order and I send them heartily and happily! This happy event started me thinking on educating children and young ones about wine, wine making and vines. It is a recurrent theme around wine lovers and professionals. […]

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French Millennials drink less wine than American Millennials

May 23, 2008

This is the result of a French-American study conducted by Dr Liz Thach and Prof. Francois d’Hauteville. Thach found out that French Millennials don’t drink wine because it’s expensive, bad tasting, difficult to understand and alcoholic. They keep drinking an occasional glass of wine while eating at the family table but they’d rather buy beer […]

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New French consumers

May 7, 2008

Wine consumption was part of a very large debate in France in the last months. Some anti-alcohol lobbies were able to stigmatize wine and spirits consumers. It went so far as to drive the French wine writers association to organize a convention on the real numbers of wine consumers in France. They showed that in […]

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Are podcasts the new online news channel?

April 16, 2008

Last night, during our podcast on video on the Net, it occurred to me that we got used to new technologies very fast and that they spread all over even faster. Blogs and podcasts – considered new tools a few months ago – are now… would I dare say banal? We all have cameras, know […]

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Launch of a new wine brand, RoseEros, in Paris

April 2, 2008

Last night, I went to the launch of a new wine brand, RoseEros, an upscale rosé (pink) wine created by Chateau Beaulieu in Provence. Why such a name for a dry rose wine from Provence? Because “Rose” is the anagram of “Eros” and also of “Oser” which means “Dare” in French. Beaulieu en Provence dared […]

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The contradictions of the European market

March 31, 2008

The European press – whether on line or off line – on the wine business in Europe gives the readers very mixed signals on the state of the industry. I’d like to try – “try” being the key word – to sort out what I read lately and what it means in comparison with the […]

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Generation Y and Branding

March 6, 2008

Also called “Millennials” or “Generation Why”, this group is widely represented in a lot of countries and constitutes a major target for local and global brands. In the US, there are 70 million people under 30; in Vietnam, they represent 50% of the 90 million people; in China, they are 200 million strong and there […]

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The elite countries in Champagne consuming

February 14, 2008

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to talk about Champagne and celebration! Champagne is the wine mostly drunk to celebrate a special occasion, at least in the traditional markets. Some countries are about to join the very exclusive club of the countries drinking over 1 million bottles a year. In 2007, Russia just joined the […]

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Wine, a luxury brand?

February 12, 2008

I read today on the Newsletter that Dom Perignon opened a bar in the famous Harrods store in London and offers a glass of 1975 Oenetheque vintage of Dom Perignon for £250. If you have some financial problems, you can settle for the 1995 Vintage of Oenotheque for the mere sum of £60. If […]

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