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Domaine Clarence Dillon

Google or

September 25, 2009

When it comes to finding information on wine on the Net, is it better to google or ablegrape? This morning I made a very simple test. I “googled” a few wine brands or names and then checked comparatively on Guess what? I had more pertinent answers through Let’s take one example. Clarendelle is […]

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Clarendelle tasting in Paris

November 28, 2008

Last Tuesday, I had the privilege of presenting Wine Brands at the WH Smith bookstore in Paris. besides listening to my blurb on the book, the attendants had the pleasure to taste one of my very favorite wine brand, Clarendelle in two colors and vintages: 2003 Clarendelle Red and 2005 Clarendelle white. Not familiar with […]

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Clarendelle in China

April 3, 2008

It seems to be my “brand” week. I read carefully the thread started by Hoke Harden on Open Wine Consortium on the subject and all the comments he inspired. Too many brands? Of course, in the US only, there are over 7,000 wine brands on the market. Overwhelmed? Of course, I’m overwhelmed: I usually buy […]

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Young wine drinkers want stories!

February 4, 2008

Young wine drinkers are full of surprises for professionals and older consumers. The younger generation – consumers AND sommeliers – is looking for wines that are original, regional and with a rich background story (or history). No more of those funny wines forgotten as soon as drunk! The young sommeliers, usually in their 20s, are […]

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