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Wine Consumer Power

July 16, 2013

Web 2.0 was supposed to give more power to the wine consumer. One could express oneself on forums, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Google+ and all social networks. One could get in touch with favorite wine producers while producers could answer disappointed consumers. The virtual world was considered the best friend of the wine drinker. Then reality […]

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Wine Blogs in Europe

September 2, 2010

As some of my friends know, I started blogging  in French a few months ago. I decided to give it a try just before my French book got published. In spite of being located in France, I feel and work mostly like an Anglo-Saxon: I always get mildly irritated by the French way of doing […]

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BYOB, answer to the business downturn in restaurants?

June 11, 2010

BYOB is popular in the US and in Australia and totally discouraged in France. I just read in that England is not very keen on the system either.  But two Bristish entrepreneurs are trying to beat the system by creating the Bring your Own Bottle Club in partnership with Nicolas. The system is astute: […]

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EWBC Goes Green – Part 4

November 2, 2009

Back to work and to reality after 3 days in sheer bliss working on wine and social media, meeting my virtual (but good) friends and getting to know more people. Technology people are very often environmentally conscious as they mostly try to work without paper and if they use it, recycle it. They’re also aware […]

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European Wine Bloggers Conference – Part 3

November 1, 2009

Saturday Oct. 31st was THE day of the EWBC conference. We actually worked hard going from one session to an other one, getting in touch with each other and working on important topics: what is a social wine brand? What is the impact of the social media on wine travel? How can wineries answer the […]

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European Wine Bloggers Conference – Part 2

October 31, 2009

Our first day of conference ended last night with a grand buffet and the pouring of the wines of the Douro Boys. But before we were rewarded by such a feast, we had to work hard through two tastings. Both tastings were a real initiation to Spanish and Portuguese wines. Esteban Cabezas, Marketing Director of […]

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European Wine Bloggers Conference – Day 1

October 30, 2009

I just arrived at the European Wine Bloggers Conference in Lisbon. The conference started yesterday with the live tasting of Cortes de Cima and I’m really sorry I missed the experience. But the fun began as soon as I stepped in the beautiful VIP Grand Hotel in Lisbon (5* – nothing less). I met Gabriella […]

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