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European Wine Bloggers Conference – Day 1

October 30, 2009

I just arrived at the European Wine Bloggers Conference in Lisbon. The conference started yesterday with the live tasting of Cortes de Cima and I’m really sorry I missed the experience. But the fun began as soon as I stepped in the beautiful VIP Grand Hotel in Lisbon (5* – nothing less). I met Gabriella […]

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Social Wine Brands

October 22, 2009

Next week I’ll be on my way to the European Wine Bloggers Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. I’m one of the lucky one who’ll get to speak twice – once on Social Wine Brand and the second time on the Future of the Social Wine Brand. But what is exactly the social wine brand? More and […]

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October 9, 2009

Videos, Google-style search engine, blog, Facebook page –, one of the leading e-commerce site, is gearing up towards Web 2.0 level and entering the age of social media. is positioned as a very high-end e-commerce site. It sells only 12-bottle cases of Bordeaux classified Growths, Burgundy or Rhone Valley wines. Their customers are […]

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Wine travel with Web 2.0 tools?

September 17, 2009

I’m fascinated by the use of the Web 2.0 tools made by consultants, wineries, start-ups in the wine business. Everyday there is a new site, a new application, a new idea by someone or a company. We know VinTank and its super innovative process, Cruvee,,,, and many many others. Don’t be […]

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Santa Barbara Winery: surfing on the wine wave

August 19, 2009

Santa Barbara Winery was established in 1962 by French Canadian Pierre Lafond. It was the first winery opened in santa Barbara since the Prohibition. It was a bold move when wine was still not very trendy in the US and more specifically in California. The winery developed nicely over the decades: acres were acquired, mono […]

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Academy of Wine Communications

June 8, 2009

A few weeks ago, The New Wine Consumer radio show featured the Academy of Wine Communications. Until then I must confess my ignorance of this somewhat illustrious Academy founded in 1994 “to encourage wine writers, the craft of wine writing, and wine coverage in the media”. Since then, the Academy evolved in a more sophisticated […]

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Facebook, dream or nightmare?

May 28, 2009

Technology is not always a dream. A few years ago, I opened an account on Facebook. It was moderately active as I was busy writing a book, consulting, teaching and interviewing people for articles. But it worked: I received invitations from friends, posted a couple of things on my wall and invited friends to join […]

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US Women as Wine Consumers in Restaurants

January 21, 2009

A recent survey conducted by Julie Brosterman’s Women and Wine site and Full Glass Research show that American women and European women face the same challenges when ordering wine in a restaurant and have pretty much the same behavior as wine consumers in a restaurant. Brosterman’s study was conducted through a survey of women present […]

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A funny Monkey in Australia: new brand and Web 2.0

January 6, 2009

At the end of last year, I was contacted by Sid Patel, Marketing Director of The Friday Monkey wines from Australia. Since I didn’t know this brand, I was curious enough as to look for it on the web. The web site is clean, user-friendly and answers most questions of somebody who didn’t drink their […]

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Twitter for a brand?

December 15, 2008

Dr. Mark Drapeau thinks brands should be banned from Twitter. Why? “Not unlike Facebook and other sites, every account would represent a person using a real name, location, and picture”, wrote Drapeau. “New users would find having only real, authentic people on Twitter more attractive.” As a Twitter user, I can say most people I […]

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