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Emerging countries in the wine world

April 24, 2008

Our next live radio show will be on the emerging markets in the wine business. From a European stand point of view, the emerging countries are: China, India and Russia. We already went over some issues related to China and India. Russia is a far more difficult market to reach and understand. In spite of […]

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The Indian consumer and wine industry

March 26, 2008

Last week, I had the pleasure to meet two Indian men, both wine drinkers and lovers and discuss with them the rising Indian wine industry and the growing interest of their countrymen and women for wine. Today, I read a new article about a Indian wine industry. India holds two main wine companies, Sula and […]

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India, emerging market and wine producing country

February 27, 2008

Among marketers, India is considered an emerging market more than a producing country. It happens that India is both and we shouldn’t neglect the Indian wine, whose quality is getting better and better. I just read in one of the numerous online newsletters I subscribed to that a Book and Wine festival held in Angers […]

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The elite countries in Champagne consuming

February 14, 2008

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to talk about Champagne and celebration! Champagne is the wine mostly drunk to celebrate a special occasion, at least in the traditional markets. Some countries are about to join the very exclusive club of the countries drinking over 1 million bottles a year. In 2007, Russia just joined the […]

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