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Vintank, the Digital Think Tank in the Wine Business

September 21, 2009

In the pre-Internet days, think tanks could be impressive by the secrecy surrounding their members, their goals and their means of action. Today, in the (almost) full bloom of the Web 2.0, think tanks should be leading the way to the Web 3.0. And some do. Who didn’t hear of VinTank‘s Social Media Report? It […]

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The Burghound’s book on Vosne-Romanée

August 6, 2009

Allen Meadows, the famous Burghound, specialist of Burgundy wines, will soon publish a long-needed book on the The Pearl of the Côte. The Great Wines of Vosne-Romanée. As Allen explained in a recent interview on the podcast, the idea of the book came to him when he was tasting 74 (yes, 74!) vintages of […]

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Marketing to Hispanics

December 12, 2008

A thread on ethnic marketing on OWC and our Wednesday podcast on Spanish wines started me thinking on marketing to Hispanics in the US. I mentioned in Wine Brands the initiative of Round Hill Winery, California, in 2004 with their “Bolsa de Recetas” or “Bag of Recipes” on their bottles of wine. It was the […]

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An evening with the Bordeaux School of Management

September 30, 2008

Last night I was invited to speak during the launch of the new Wine Master created by the Bordeaux Management School (BEM), thanks to its Academic Manager, Florine Livat. Being in France, I felt under the obligation of talking about new technologies and wine, a topic unfortunately widely ignored by many. It gave me the […]

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How technology will help protect wines

September 18, 2008

Technology and wine was supposed to be the subject of our Internet live radio show, but since our guests never called in we had to switch to other topics. I feel a little frustrated as I had thought about other things to talk about besides communities, podcasts, etc. Indeed technology covers also all those […]

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Taking a break until August 31, 2008

August 19, 2008

I was hoping to be able to post at least 3 times a week while traveling in California. It is much harder to do so than I thought: so many meetings, tastings, day trips to vineyards, podcasts and generally speaking, a lot more things to do than expected. It also means I’ll have a lot […]

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Gary Vaynerchuk’s 101 wines

June 9, 2008

That’s it! I got it and I read it! I just couldn’t believe my luck when the post office delivered Gary‘s book on Friday. (My skepticism is just the result of a lost book package, actually MY own book, by… DHL.) Last week, Gary was concerned about his book not being available in some stores. […]

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SWE conference in New Orleans

June 4, 2008

Last week, I spent 2 days at the 2008 conference of the Society of Wine Educators in New Orleans, Louisiana. SWE is a non-profit educational organization (501c3) whose mission is to advance wine education through professional development and certification. It holds an annual conference with about 60 seminars that attract about 2,000 attendees every year. […]

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The Legacy of Robert Mondavi

May 19, 2008

Robert Mondavi just died. The Internet is buzzing with tributes, articles, blogs, comments on his legacy and what he means to the wine business and community. As a European who discovered California wines in the ’90s, I mostly saw Robert Mondavi as the American winemaker who built a bridge between Europe and California. For Americans, […]

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Update on Crushpad

May 15, 2008

A large part of one of the chapters of Wine Brands was dedicated to, this luxury winery based in San Francisco. Why was that? and crushnet allow want-to-be winemakers to make wine… on the Net if they don’t live in California. They have access to all the facilities via videos and podcasts. Crushnet […]

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