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Vinexpo: Day 1

June 21, 2009

Today, June 21st, Vinexpo opened its doors. Thinking naively it would be a very quiet day, I took the tram and the shuttle to the Exhibition Park and… started feeling sorry for myself! In spite of the early hours, a lot of people were walking on the footbridge on the lake linking the Congress Center […]

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Speaking with Vinobilia, Bottlenotes and Crushpad

June 2, 2009

On June 18, 2009, the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce organizes an international video conference on wine and new technologies between Bordeaux and San Francisco, CA. This is the yearly Bordeaux conference, called Numeriglobe, on new technologies. This year, two themes are singled out: healthcare and wine. Of course, I’ll be speaking about wine with the […]

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European consumers loyal to their wine brands

May 11, 2009

A short study conducted by Gfk among wine consumers of 9 European countries (Germany, France, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Russia, Poland) brought good news to wine brands: European consumers are loyal to their favorite brands. Asked if they would consider switching to a similar but cheaper brand, an average of 67% said they would […]

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A new label for J wines

March 23, 2009

A few years ago, I was in a wine store in Charlotte, N.C. when a young woman walked in, looked around and grabbed with obvious delight a bottle of a red wine adorned with a stylish J on the bottle: no mention of the varietal or the vintage on the front part of the bottle. […]

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India, a wine producer and consumer country

February 17, 2009

When the Western world is in financial trouble, eyes turn to other markets: India, China, Russia carry the hope of our sick economies for recovery. The wine business is no exception. Wine consumption is on the rise in India but it’s still very marginal compared to spirits and beer consumption. The yearly annual wine consumption […]

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New World Wines, Old World Wines? No, World Wines!

September 15, 2008

My friend Robert MacIntosh, who founded the European Group on OWC to overcome the traditional distinction between Old World and New World in wine, should be pleased by this piece of news: Old World and New World are old news. Now one talks about World Wines. How did I get this critical information? On Thursday […]

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The Fast Consumer

May 19, 2008

In his fascinating book, Futurewise, Patrick Dixon explores the world around six letters – the letters of the word “F.U.T.U.R.E” : F as Fast, U as Urban, T as Tribal, U as Universal, R as Radical and E as Ethical. It is the definition of the new consumer. Let’s see what the “fast consumer” is […]

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More on emerging markets

April 28, 2008

Tomorrow we’ll talk on emerging markets for the wine industry. I happen to find a rather interesting article by one of my colleagues, Uché Okwonko, author of Luxury Fashion Branding on luxury and emerging markets. On her website, Uché created an online magazine on luxury. Her latest article, “Separating the Facts from the Fiction of […]

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Emerging countries in the wine world

April 24, 2008

Our next live radio show will be on the emerging markets in the wine business. From a European stand point of view, the emerging countries are: China, India and Russia. We already went over some issues related to China and India. Russia is a far more difficult market to reach and understand. In spite of […]

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Chinese wine consumers on the rise

March 19, 2008

News from various sources confirms the rise of consumption and production of wine in China. I wrote several pages on the new Chinese consumer in Wine Brands but the phenomenon seems to be increasing. Here is the update on the subject, from the newsletter of Meininger’s Wine Business International: “Chinese wine consumption is predicted to […]

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